Christoph Kaltseis作品集

Christoph Kaltseis

Christoph Kaltseis

Christoph Kaltseis:“大家好,我是Christoph Kaltseis,我住在上奥地利。20多年前我第一次接触天文拍摄,2015年我开始使用RASA 11和C14 Edge HD拍摄深空图像。”

【QHY268M – 开光- SHO 玫瑰星云】

设备: QHY 268M

Baader UNB filter /Baader UFC filter

RASA 11 + Celestron CGX

QHY 5III462C【IC443 + IC444】

Rasa 11 f2.2, QHY 268M, Baader UFC + Baader UNB f2 H-alpha 3.5nm, CGX + 462C as guider,22x 180s = 66min for the H-Alpha information and the OIII【NGC7000】

QHY600 M – EB Bin 1×1 / RASA 11 f2.2 + Baader UNB f2 H-Alpha (3,5nm) OIII (4nm)【IC1318】

Rasa 8 f2, QHY 163M, Baader FCCT + Baader UNB f2 H-alpha, OIII + SII. Totally exposed 180min 12x300sec each Filter. CGX Mount.【IC1396】

Rasa 8 f2, QHY 163M, CGX Mount, 150min exposed but only 7x 300sec for SII